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An excellent choice — especially if you've had credit problems in the past

Welcome to Virginia Car Loans, and let us get right to the point.

We handle all types of credit, but we've made our mark over the last 19 years by helping people with credit problems get a loan approval. We are not one of those "Everybody's Approved" kind-of-sites, but a quick read of our minimum requirements will show you how we can help most everybody.

Here's how we do our business. Your online application is processed at our home office in Richmond, and then forwarded to a local loan officer in an auto dealership near you. You read that right -- an auto dealership. More than 80 percent of all cars purchased in the U.S. are financing through dealerships, and since that's where banks are most comfortable, that's where we work.

But here's the secret. Dealers in our network are electronically linked to more than 400 lenders -- and that gives them the ability to slot you to the best loan rate your credit score will allow. That's a big advantage in your favor.

Our online loan application is free and puts you under no obligation. Try it!